Dog Training

Classes or Private Sessions

The Choice is Yours!

Whether your dog is big or small, training is always important. Teaching dogs basic behaviors helps them become better canine citizens in our communities and wonderful furry family members. Classes help dogs learn in an environment with other dogs and people around as distractions. Private sessions are helpful for dogs who need to focus a little more on the lessons at hand or for those families who don't have time to get to a regularly held class. Either way,  NO PLACE LIKE HOME PET SERVICES offers both classes and private sessions to meet your needs. Some people like to start their dogs out in private sessions and then take some classes to add a distraction level. It all depends on you and your dog.

Instructor Ashleigh Morris will help you decide which is best for you. In a private session she will personally design a behavior plan to meet you and your dog's needs. She will work with you to figure out your schedule and split training exercise into simple and manageable parts. Classes break the steps down simply too. If you stick to the plan, you will begin to see small changes immediately. Remember practice makes perfect. If you allow your dog to continue to practice undesired behaviors, the dog will improve on THOSE behaviors. If you practice Ashleigh's prescribed training exercises daily, your dog will begin to perfect the new, desired way of living in your home. It doesn't take hours every day to change your dog into a wonderful canine citizen in the community, just a commitment to interact with your dog every day in a positive way. Take a look at the classes offered, or call to set up a private session and get started right away.


Classes held at the Fluvanna Dog Spot - Registration is required

  • Brush Up Clinics

Brush up clinics are offered to help those who want a quick way to brush up on some rusty skills. They are one hour clinics that focus on just a few skills.
Clinic I: Prerequisite for all other clinics for those who have never trained with Ashleigh before. This clinic is WITHOUT dogs and is designed for the two-legged students to help them gain an understanding of positive methods used in training and their role in the human-dog bond.
Clinic II: Look, sit, come, stay and wait (used to teach dogs to not dash out the door)
Clinic III: Look, sit, come, down and settle (used to teach dogs to chill while company is over)
Clinic IV: Look, sit, come, down and drop it (a must for the doggie thief!)