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I have taken two classes with Ashleigh Morris and she is an exceptional teacher for both dogs and their people. Ashleigh is knowledgeable, kind, good humored and patient with both the dogs and the people. Dancer\'s behavior has improved 1000 percent thanks to her.--Nancy M.

I adopted a sweet little pit-bull. Being that she was a bully breed I found it difficult for doggy day-care facilities to be willing to interview her without first going through an obedience course. Ashleigh is by far the best instructor I have ever had the opportunity to be involved with. Not only is she good with the dogs, they instinctively follow her direction, but she is also good with the owners. I was totally impressed that the first class of our basic obedience training was without the dogs. We had a chance to discuss what our goals were and she gave us the course material to review prior to being confronted with the commotion our dogs bring into play. --Dale M.

When my mother-in-law moved in with us last year, we also expanded our family to include her dog--a whirling dervish on a leash when she would see or hear other dogs. After only one visit with Ashleigh, I learned strategies to distract Sandie\'s attention from other dogs and to keep her focused on her walk. Ashleigh is a miracle worker, as kind and patient with me as she is with Sandie.--Patty G.

I have been using Ashleigh Morris for dog walking and pet sitting for over 3 years. I trust her completely with my Labrador and a key to my home. Ashleigh is also a dog trainer and what better person to take care of your dog than a professional trainer! She always leaves me a note telling me how her walk went with my dog. When my dog and I run into her out in public he gets very excited and happy to see Ashleigh and wags his tail non-stop, which tells me he adores Ashleigh. I can leave my pet in the comfort of our home and travel or go to work and know that he is going to receive excellent care. She is a mature and intelligent woman who loves dogs. We have also taken two training classes with her and her training is positive based. She is extremely patient with both humans and dogs.--Trudy H.

We started at The Dog Spot when my dog was about six months old. A rambunctious labrador who loved to get into everything, he responded to Ashleigh\'s gentle guidance. I learned as much as he did and we worked with Ashleigh until he grew out of his rebellious "teens." The classes are a must for every dog owner, and I particularly liked the way Ashleigh makes it a family affair, so that all members of a family learn how to support and work positively with their dog - no matter its size or character.--Eleanor W.