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Private dog training


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Training in the comfort of your own home




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Sometimes classes are not enough to solve some animal behavior problems. Perhaps you just prefer to have one-on-one attention. Either way, in-home private sessions or individual sessions at the Fluvanna Dog Spot are a perfect solution.

Instructor Ashleigh Morris will design a behavior plan to meet you and your dog\'s needs. She will work with you to figure out your schedule and split training exercises into simple, manageable parts. If you stick to the plan, you will begin to see small changes immediately. Remember practice makes perfect. If you allow your dog to continue to practice the undesired behavior, the dog will improve THAT behavior. If you practice Ashleigh\'s prescribed training exercises daily, your dog will begin to perfect the new, desired behaviors. It doesn\'t take hours every day to change your dog into a wonderful canine citizen in the community.

Discounts are available for those booking consecutive sessions and for recently adopted animals. Call or e-mail to learn how a private session can help you.


Contact us for further information. Phone: 434-589-7209 E-mail: