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Taking a vacation can be fun, but not if you are worried about your pets. Kennels are available, but there really is No Place Like Home. Most animals feel more safe and secure in their own environment while their family is away.

Our experienced and insured pet sitters will visit your animals as many times as you would like throughout the day. Whether on vacation or just working long hours, our petsitters can help. We will walk the dogs, scoop the cat boxes, feed the critters, and perform other basic care needs as well as provide lots of love. We can also provide overnight services if your animals need an evening companion.

The added benefit to having a petsitter visiting frequently is your home is also much safer. Additional services include picking up your mail and newspapers, watering the plants, and even filling up outside birdfeeders if you so desire. Just let us know what your needs are and we will work out a schedule that is beneficial for your animals. Fees vary depending on the individual family needs. Call or e-mail to learn more.



Ashleigh Morris

President and Dog Trainer

No Place Like Home