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When home is not enough to gain social graces
in public places.

Class Schedule


Dog Training Classes at the Dog Spot

Beginning Classes work on the basics of look, leave it, sit, down, stay, come, and walk on a loose leash as well as behavior issues that may occur in the home. The first class is without dogs so the humans can learn their part in the dog training process. Then the dogs will join in for the remaining four classes. There will be time for questions and answers during the last 15 minutes of each class. Remember this class is just the beginning. Be sure to look into our other classes once you complete this one.  $75/set of classes.

Intermediate Dog Training Class takes your dog\'s skills to the next level. Longer stays, down, sits, and more distant comes. Your dog will learn to work around more distractions, and work further on accomplishing loose leash walking.Prerequisite: Beginning Manners Class. $75

Confidence Classes help dogs to build their confidence through the use of beginning low-impact agility equipment, labyrinths, and advanced dog training skills. Learning new skills and how to overcome fears helps a dog build confidence and become a better canine citizen in the community. This is a good follow-up class to Beginning Obedience for any dog. Prerequisite: Beginning Manners Class. $75

Canine Good Citizen Prep Class helps dogs to expand their skills learned in beginning class and prepare them for taking the AKC CGC test. The class covers ten skills required in the test to include: sit to greet, grooming, passing other dogs, come, stay, down, and more. The CGC certification test is offered during the last class. Participants may pay the testing fee and take the test that day or choose to take a free practice test. Prerequisite: Beginning Manners Class. $75
Ashleigh is a CGC Test Evaluator. If you would like to take the test without the class, please contact Ashleigh for options.

Clinics for dogs who need to brush up on existing skills or owners who don\'t have time for a full class. $30/clinic


Fork Union Dog Spot location
Community Center at 5725 James Madison Hwy, Fork Union VA.
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Ashleigh Morris, Dog Trainer

Contact Ashleigh Morris for specific questions about classes.   Phone:  434-589-7209
Palmyra, VA; E-mail:

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