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When home is not enough to gain social graces in public places.

Ashleigh Morris

Owner and Dog Trainer

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Beginning Obedience Class
Tuesdays May 2 - May 30 6:30 pm
Wednesdays May 3 - May 31 3:30 pm
Wednesdays June 7 - July 12 6:30 pm (class will skip the week of June 28th)
Thursdays June 8 - July 13 10:30 am (class will skip the week of June 29th)
Tuesday August 1- August 29 6:30 pm
Thursdays August 3- August 31 3:30 pm

Canine Good Citizen Class, Confidence Class, OR Intermediate Obedience**
Tuesdays May 2 - May 23 7:30 pm (CGC will end May 30)
Wednesdays May 3 - May 24 4:30 pm (CGC will end May 31)
Wednesdays June 7 - July 5 7:30 pm (CGC will end July 12) (class will skip the week of June 28th)
Thursdays June 8 - July 6 9:30 am(CGC will end July 13) (class will skip the week of June 29th)
Tuesdays August 1 - August 22 7:30 pm (CGC will end August 29)
Thursdays August 3 - August 24 4:30 pm (CGC will end August 31)

**Depending on demand one or the other of these classes will run during the designated dates and times. Please let Ashleigh know as soon as possible if you have an interest in either class. You will be contacted closer to the class date as to what class will be held.

CLINIC SCHEDULE at FCPR Dog Spot--Clinics to clean up rusty training skills.Have you done previous training with your dog and maybe need to brush up on some skills? Perhaps you don't have time to commit to a full class. These clinics are perfect for you. A one day commitment to learn how to teach your dog crucial skills. See the top of the page for the upcoming Clinics being offered.


Note: The classes are subject to change depending on demand. If you cannot make any of the scheduled times please contact Instructor, Ashleigh Morris, to inquire about the possibility of alternative class times or schedule a private session. Every effort is made to provide training to those in need. Thank you!


Contact us for further information.
Phone: 434-589-7209


Classes are held at the Fork Union Community Center's Dog Spot at 5725 James Madison Hwy, Fork Union, VA 23055.
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Brush-up Clinics or for those needing to focus on certain skills

Clinic I: Prerequisite for all other clinics. Thursday May 11 @ 10 am WITHOUT DOGS Focus is on people training first!
Clinic II: Tuesday June 13 @ 3:30 pm: Look, sit, come, stay & wait (Prerequisite Clinic I)
Clinic III: Tuesday July 11 @ 3:30 pm: Look, sit, come, down & settle.(Prerequisite Clinic I)
Clinic IV:Wednesday August 15 @ 10 am: Look, sit, come, leave it & drop it. (Prerequisite Clinic I)